WAMMI questionnaire
for Academic Usage

Please note that this page, wammi.uxp.ie is now the official home page for the online WAMMI Academic Licence questionnaire.

The URL for the commercial version of the WAMMI service is www.wammi.com. The commercial site has a lot of background information about WAMMI which is also useful for study purposes.

If you want to use WAMMI for commercial purposes, please go to the wammi.com site.

Educators and trainers are encouraged to refer to the wammi.com site in their teaching notes.

I encourage students and educators to use the academic WAMMI service for teaching and research. The report you will get as a student or educator is exactly the same as the report a commercial client would get from the WAMMI service but if you are able to establish your academic credentials no charge is made for the service.

Student use

If you are a student, you may apply to use WAMMI on a student project. This must be a bona fide student project solely for academic purposes.

Although you are encouraged to publish your findings, under no circumstances may your WAMMI results be wholly or partly sold to a third party client. I require THREE things from you:

  1. An email from you to me at jzk@uxp.ie asking permission to use WAMMI on an Academic Licence.
  2. A letter (which you may scan and e-mail to me) from your tutor, supervisor, or head of department on official headed notepaper, with the following text:
    [Name] is a student at [name and address of department] and I guarantee that [his or her] usage of WAMMI is solely for research purposes, and forms part of [his or her] research leading to [name of degree or certification for which the work is intended]. I guarantee that the student is not working in a consultancy or internship relationship with any commercial interest as far as their use of WAMMI is concerned, and that I will help the student to take reasonable steps to protect the intellectual property rights and copyright of WAMMI.
    [Your name and position in the department]
    [Your signature and date]
  3. A filled out form from the application for student usage page, which asks for some technical details I need to know in order to facilitate your Licence.

Please be advised if I do not receive all three items from you I shall not process your request for an Academic Licence. The Academic Licence is a favour I grant to students and it is not a right for you to have. It is funded out of commercial WAMMI activities.

Tutor use

If you are a tutor or lecturer, I warmly invite you to apply for Academic WAMMI as a practical a class exercise for teaching purposes. Many educators have profited from this arrangement in the past, and my own students enjoyed and profited from the experience. All I require from you is an email outlining your proposed usage of WAMMI: I can give advice on what works well with students.

Offline data

Although WAMMI is designed as an on-line instrument, sometimes circumstances demand that either a paper version of WAMMI is used, or that a separate online version is created for a particular project. In both cases you the researcher will have to send me an electronic file of the data gathered in order to apply WAMMISCO, the automated report generator, to produce reports at the sanme professional level as with the online version of WAMMI.

If this is the case, then please apply for an Academic licence in the usual way and make careful note of the protocol required to send me your data for analysis. This can be found at:

I cannot accept data sent to me without an Academic Licence agreed upon between us beforehand. The dataset must be formatted strictly according to the instructions given on the above page otherwise WAMMISCO will be unable to process it.

Hint: Are you really sure you don't want to use the online version?

General terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for educational usage:

I'm Dr. Jurek Kirakowski, and my email address for all correspondence to do with WAMMI is jzk@uxp.ie .